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Exhaust Manifold


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Temperature problems

A veteran friend of mine had the following problem with his allegedly restored BMW R75:
The exhaust valve of the right cylinder hang tight for the third time.
The valve guide was replaced, the valve stem was given almost double play.
Nothing helped.

Since this was not a material problem but rather a temperature problem, he came up with the idea to examine its existing exhaust manifold closer.
He ripped the right side of the manifold apart and found the situation of the exhaust system depicted on the left.

It formed such a strong backlog that the right cylinder was excessively hot and the valve is stuck again and again.

After he had cut the collector pipes that were too deeply located in the exhaust accordingly, the operating temperature of his engine fell back to normal levels and there was no stuck valve any more.

Not everything that looks like an exhaust also works reliable.



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