Information about our trips to the  Pyrenees.


Weather                       :It can also rain in the mountains, normally temperatures during the day  vary from 20 to                                      28°C .Going over mountain passes in some cases we get over the snow-line. So take your
                                     bathing shorts, sun milk, thermoboy and your folding spade.

Basic requirments;        Only heavy military bikes BMW R75 or Zündapp KS 750.

                                      Bikes in good driving conditions – please no travelling building site.

                                      Drivers and co-drivers male and over 16 years and under 101 years old.

                                       It is not an organised trip and everyone on this touristic round trip is driving                                        on his own responsibility and risk.

                                       Also untrained drivers can handle the route.

Equipment                      Weatherproofed clothes, as we cross passes with a height of more than
                                        2000 m, a suitable sleeping bag, cooker, plate, cup, etc 

Costs                            :  You have to calculate the costs for the trip to Llorett de Mar – our  meeting                                         point ( approx. 80 km away from the French/Spanish border yourselves.

                                        The costs for the off road trip, petrol, meals, drinks and overnight stays
                                        are approx. between
300 and 500 Euro. Each participant pays a certain
                                        amount into a joint cash box and everything will be paid out of it.

Fellow-Passengers possibilities    :    There is the possibility to participate as a fellow passenger in the  

As we can only drive with a certain amount of bikes in the off road area we would like to point out that we reserve the right to refuse registration. 

Look for information at  wehrmachtsgespann news


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