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 Exchange + Spare parts



We offer you for
KS 750 and R75:

engine, transmission,
rear wheel-
side car drive ,


  BMW R75 photos from restauration of:



Rear wheel drive


  Zündapp KS 750 photos from restauration of:



Rear whell drive

Front fork


Restoration of the housing.

We restore for the
Zündapp KS 750

... for the BMW R75



While restoring our Wehrmachtsgespanne almost everybody reaches the limits of his possibilities at some time - because of a missing garage, a special tool or the necessary technical knowledge. At this point comes the consideration whether it is not wiser and often also less expensive to buy an exchange engine or transmission. Because when putting the parts together already a small error can have an expensive reconstruction of engine, transmission etc. as a result.

We renew our engine, transmission, etc. without any compromise
 That is the best way for a good driving.
We only use the really good original spare parts

For example the cylinder head.

New parts:        Rocker arm axels and needles.
                        Valves and guides.
                        springs, plates, new valve seats rings

Work:              Check thread, drillings, pins and renew if necessary.
                        Renew valve guides.
                        Rocker arms have usually to be renewed.
                        Clean everything and assemble it.

Mostly the procedure of the exchange of the engine for example
is as follows:

You send us the cleaned engine. We find out which parts we have to replace and what we can use from the existing parts. On this basis we can then give you  an estimated price for your engine.

The price results from the used materials and the necessary amount of work.

It is even better when you come personally with their engine or transmission to us and we can check together which work is necessary for a good restoration. You  receive immediately a concrete estimated price and can then decide whether you like the work to be done or not.

Delivery time:

Immediately in the exchange,

Maximally 3 months, if not very complex welding and treatment are necessary


BMW R75 Engine








Rear wheel drive















































































































Wir helfen dir bei der Instandsetzung und haben die entsprechend notwendigen Ersatzteile im Lager

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